Linzi's Story

How My Children Saved My Life 

It was the last Friday of the Easter holidays, my 3 children Lola, Oscar and Eva excitedly jumped into bed for a morning cuddle I protected myself from all the flailing arms and legs I felt a lump to the side of my right breast.
Leroy my partner came in from his night shift to see me stood in a state of undress asking him to feel my breast!!!!!!
Yes, we felt a lump ...

Luckily I managed to get an appointment with my doctor that afternoon with a referral to the breast clinic on the next Monday. It seems strange looking back but I didn't worry at all over the weekend. It wouldn't be cancer, I was only 42, I'd breast fed my 3 children and there was no cancer in my family.

Monday soon came, I went to work (at the hospital!) then met Leroy at the breast unit for my appointment. I didn't wait long before I was called through for a mammogram which was relatively painless, then into another room for a scan. Oblivious to the findings I was taken into yet another room where to my surprise Leroy was already in there, accompanied by a consultant and a breast nurse, I suddenly thought SH*T this isn't good.

I was then told that the scan had shown a mass on my breast and I needed a biopsy to see if it was cancerous but whatever it was the consultant said "You need to prepare yourself for a mastectomy and possible chemo".

My mind suddenly thought of Angelina Jolie and Michelle Heaton who were all over the media as they had had preventative mastectomies, I thought or even believed that my operation consisted of the surgeon just scraping out the bad breast tissue and pop an implant in! Oh and I would be better than I was before!
But chemo....... I'll lose my hair now that was a big issue! Not the fact that I might die or the loss of my breast but MY HAIR....! I felt awful feeling that way.

I would get my results in 5 days, I can't remember much of those days only that I didn't cry and wondered why my friends and family did! For goodness sake this was happening to me not them.....

Friday came, I was given the news I had an aggressive grade 3 cancer....I needed a mastectomy and I would be having chemo.......MY HAIR.
I don't remember much else.
I was sent away with a DVD to watch and I had to make a decision by the afternoon what type of surgery I wanted, after watching it Leroy and I decided to go for a skin sparing mastectomy with a tissue expander in readiness for an implant a few months down the line.

We spoke to the children that night, with the help of a book "Mummy's Lump", we all had a cuddle on the sofa and broke the news to Lola then aged 8, Oscar 6 and Eva 5. What a horrible experience.

My operation was planned for 2 weeks later...


As you will see from my pictures I lost all my hair, I had an amazing wig which gave me brilliant confidence. 
And here I am 2 years on, I had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Oh and I have my precious hair back!

In October 2015 I participated in the Fire Walk for Annabel's Angels, I felt ready to give back and help other people diagnosed with cancer.