Will Kennard

I’m Will, Trustee and Marketing Volunteer.

I met Simon Hancox through volunteering for Community Action in Derby. We became good friends immediately through our mutual love of British film, cycling and real ales. After Annabel passed away we became even closer friends, and as Annabel's Angels turned from an idea into a reality I was more than happy to set up the web presence.

I’m involved in the day-to-day running of the charity as well as being a member of the grants panel, and take care of the online marketing.

As a group of volunteers, I really believe we have achieved an amazing amount in a short time period, especially as everyone has a lot of other commitments outside of the charity. We’ve grown a strong social media presence as well as steady donations through Just Giving.

What we are on the surface is a fundraising group; we raise money to help support individuals affected by cancer. But what we are below that is a group of people who are all driven by ideas, a desire to help, and a great community of supporters.

The increased support and coverage over the past two years has been immense, and I think the current Annabel’s Angels set up is tiny in comparison with what we will be doing in 3, 5 or 10 years time.

We’ve already added new volunteers recently, and will continue to grow and provide support.