Matt Hancox

Hi I'm Matt, Trustee for Annabel's Angels and Annabel was my amazing sister-in-law.

I work at Rolls Royce in the Integrated Logistic Centre. We do numerous warehousing roles ie fork lifting, booking in, picking, stock movement, kitting for fitters etc to ensure the kits are at build on time to build numerous Aero engines.

My role for Annabel's Angels as a trustee covers a number of areas. I attend our bi monthly meetings where we discuss previous minutes, future events, opportunities etc.

I also attend our community events where we raise money for our charity to give back through our grants scheme and also raise our profile and awareness.

I have also been part of numerous grants panels to help to decide and make a smooth process for applicants who have Cancer and are after support/comfort from an appliance or service to make their life more comfortable.

This is why and the most satisfactory part of being in Annabel's Angels. Yes it's nice to go to events and meet new people and create new relationships but to actually GIVE BACK and make a small difference is why I do it.

In my role as well I have very good contacts around the Derby area and try and build up relationships and support for AA.

I am so PROUD to be part of Annabel's Angels and for how far we have come in a short space of time. But we still have a way to go but the journey along the way will be tough but very enjoyable. We will meet new friends, new contacts but most of all support and help the people who need it to give them a better quality of life.

Keep up the great work team