Linzi Hodgkinson

My name is Linzi, age 44, partner to Leroy and a busy mum of 3. I am a research assistant within Pathology at the Royal Derby Hospital. My story begins with a day my children jumped into bed with me, a day I also found a lump in my breast. May 2013 I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

The news was completely earth shattering, but with the help of my children and Leroy, I got through a double mastectomy and chemo to where I am now. A day after diagnosis I heard Simon, Annabel’s husband speaking on Radio Derby. His words brought me out of my haze and gave me a reason to get on with my treatment. From that day our paths crossed socially a couple of times but I never forgot Annabel.

I was lucky enough to get involved in a fire walk to support Annabel’s Angels and it enabled me to throw all my cancer worries on the fire and walk proud. I am forever grateful to Annabel’s memory for that opportunity. I am very passionate about raising awareness of support and help the charity offers, and I am very proud to be part of a team whose main focus and drive is all about helping families to get through a difficult cancer diagnosis.

I will now give anything a go after my recovery... Even training to run 10 miles for the Derby 10! To anyone that does know me that is a challenge!!!

Watch this space………