Our Public Fund grants programme aims to support families in Derby with some financial relief and breathing space during their cancer journey, at a time when patients and families need it most. Please be aware that we can fund items or services to improve quality of life. We do not award cash payments to grant applicants.

We do not provide an exhaustive list of what is eligible in our grants programme as every family has different needs so please contact us prior to application if you are at all unsure.  The notes on this page will help you to determine whether the grants programme is suitable for you. To access a grants application form click the link below.

Filling in the form / Help

We are aware of the stress and worry that families go through if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves needing to access our service. With that in mind, we have designed a simple application form to avoid creating further unnecessary stress and worry.

If at any point you have questions or require help filling in this form please do not hesitate to contact us at annabelsangels@gmail.com.


In order to be eligible for our Annabel’s Angels Public Fund grants programme you must fit all of the following criteria:

  • Diagnosed or treated for cancer during the last twelve months.

  • Living within the Derby City UK boundary and/or being treated for cancer at the Royal Derby Hospital.

  • The application must be approved and countersigned by a cancer nurse specialist, Macmillan Nurse or GP.

  • The request for the grant must demonstrate a clear link to the impact of cancer and its treatment.

In addition to the above, the current annual household income must not exceed £50,000.

Additional Information Required To Support Your Application

In order for us to process your application as quickly as possible, please enclose a copy of the following with your application:

  • Medical confirmation of your diagnosis and a copy of a letter indicating your treatment/appointments relating to your diagnosis.

  • Copy of Photo ID – Passport or Driving Licence preferable together with a copy of a recent letter (e.g., bank statement, Council Tax statement) to show proof of address.

  • Written estimates for items required.

Eligible Costs

We can fund services/items to improve quality of life. We don't award cash payments. We do not provide an exhaustive list of what is eligible in our grants programme as every family has different needs. We judge each application individually on merit. We can consider a wide range of items to help cancer patients and their families improve their quality of life. Examples are as follows:

  • Travel costs to cancer related appointments.

  • Holistic therapies (where recommended by your Cancer Nurse Specialist, GP or Macmillan Nurse).

  • Payment for additional child-minding required around appointments.

  • Payment for home childcare such as a nanny for a day a week etc around appointments or post treatment days.

  • Payment for a cleaner or gardener in the home.

  • Medically related purchase of electrical equipment or equipment for the home – e.g. specialist bed, chair, support aid.

  • Washing machines or other household items to help make life easier.

  • Cancer specific devices e.g. special swimming device for throat cancer survivors.

  • Contribute towards the cost of a much needed short holiday in the UK during, between, or after treatment, or when no further treatment options are available.

Additional information

  • Maximum of one grant per family per calendar year.

  • Maximum amount of £300 funded per grant.

  • Please provide estimates or receipts for items requested.

Making a Decision/Timescales

Upon receipt of your application, we circulate the information to our grant fund sub committee as soon as possible. We finalise grant application decisions by majority at our grant panel meetings. All applications are judged on an individual basis and the decision of the grant panel committee is final. We reserve the right to fund items on a pro-rata basis/contribution. 

We aim to notify applicants of the decision within one week after the date of the relevant grant panel meeting. If you have been successful, we aim to make payment/purchase of the identified item within 14 days of your acceptance of the grant.

Unsuccessful Applications

In the event that your application is unsuccessful, we will work with you to try to identify other sources of funding for the items in your application. We ask that the same family do not reapply until at least 3 months after the original unsuccessful decision has been made.

Please be aware that any new application must be for something different to the previously unsuccessful application.

Evaluating the impact of Annabel’s Angels Public Fund Grants

In order for us to monitor the impact of our Public Fund Grants programme, we ask that each successful applicant complete and submit a Public Fund evaluation form. We send this to successful applicants 12 weeks after we have processed the grant/purchased the item. This way we can understand the impact the Public Fund Grant has had on cancer patients and families. Please note there is a section at the end of this form that asks if you are happy for us to share your comments on our website/for use in publicity material. The purpose of this is so we can publicize, with your permission, the benefits that Annabel’s Angels has on others.

Some of our younger supporters

Some of our younger supporters