Meet the team: Will

In this weeks 'meet the team' we hear from our very own nerdy website wizard Will (his own words). Take it away Will:



Who are you? I’m Will, I recently graduated from the University of Derby and I now live and work in London as a Marketing Executive.

How did you get involved?

I met Simon Hancox through volunteering for Community Action in Derby. We'd run a few social media workshops together and after the first one I started volunteering at Community Action on a permanent basis. We became good friends immediately through our mutual love of British film, cycling and real ales. Simon is easily one of the most selfless people I've ever met and someone who always had time for me. Even when he had more than enough going on in his own life, we would still make it out for a pint of Dutch courage and a long cycle. After Annabel passed away we became even closer friends, and as Annabel's Angels turned from an idea into a reality I was more than happy to get geeky for an amazing cause and a great group of people.

How involved are you/what do you do?

I manage the website for Annabel's Angels, and am basically the resident nerd of the group, which I'm fine with. I'm involved in the core meetings and decisions and join in at events wherever possible. I work in digital marketing full time, so naturally bring a lot of those skills to the group, along with an excellent bucket collection voice on days out (see video evidence!).

Give an example of what you've done and what you've learned since getting involved.

Since getting involved I’ve set up a website and blog for the charity and had input in tons of discussion about where the group is heading. I always loved volunteering, but working with Annabel’s Angels I have learnt that awesome things can happen if enough people want them to - the fact that the group is based all over the country yet improves constantly and stays close is testament to this. I also love the fact that I can only keep learning whilst helping out - as the group improves, so do I! There’s really not many chances you get to say that, and I’m grateful for it.

How do you see AA progressing?

What we are on the surface is a fundraising group; we raise money to help support causes and individuals affected by cancer. But what we are below that is a group of people who are all driven by ideas, a desire to help, and a great community of supporters. This is what will make Annabel’s Angels something that will only grow stronger and stronger. The increased support and coverage over the past year has been immense, and I think the current Annabel’s Angels set up is tiny in comparison with what we will be doing in 3, 5 or 10 years time. As the group develops so do all the members, and we are all willing to learn. I see awesome things happening with the website (we have big plans!) and I also see the support we offer growing into a solid service that will benefit many.