Meet the team - Denise

In this week's meet the team, it's the lovely Denise's turn to share her story about how and why she's involved with the charity. I too, like Dorothee and Ali, became a member of Annabel's Angels at the beginning of 2013 after meeting Annabel and the girls on the Macmillan forum in 2012 after we were all diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the initial feeling of terror and fear of dying I composed myself and gave myself a good talking to. With the help and support of a wonderful husband, great friends and family, I began the treatment journey that would absorb nearly a year of my life.

The old me was slowly disappearing and the new me has taken quite some time to get used to and is still evolving.

But out of this awful situation I found myself in, I made new friends with other ladies going through a very similar treatment plan experience to me on the Macmillan forum. So many offered support and comfort on the Macmillan chat forum.....we laughed, we cried, gave great advice and support and slowly grew new friendships online which we called “the class of 2012”.

The worst part online for me was seeing Annie40 as a title on a new thread and I had this awful feeling, which sadly was confirmed when I read that she had lost her battle with this awful disease. All I could think about was her husband, Simon, the children and her family and friends. Plus I was concerned as to how this would impact on all my lovely friends brought it home to us all the reality and confirmation that this disease is a killer.

But 2013 was a new year which started with the amazing creation of Annabel’s Angels.............and how proud I am to be an angel!

Ali started the ball rolling with the Race For Life idea and all of our teams running under the name of Annabel’s Angels. Then all the great work and vision that Simon wanted from Annabel’s Angels has paid off through lots and lots of hard work during 2013.

My contribution came from not only getting a team together for Race For Life in Folkestone, but lots of craft fairs and fundraising events to help raise as much money as possible for such a worthy cause.

My organisational skills came into play when Simon asked if I would catalogue all the auction lots for the Guinness World Record Charity Auction event that Annabel’s Angels had been invited to join, which took place at the end of November in Derby. What a challenge this was, especially as my chemo brain was really bad, I hadn’t created a spreadsheet in over 18 months and where were we going to get 150 auction lots from in such a short space of time? But I didn’t want to let Simon down, as this could be the biggest fundraising event of the year, I had to think logically about who to contact to ask for items to sell. My friends and family didn’t disappoint.....items started rolling in....phew. What an amazing event this was raising thousands of pounds for the 10 charities and causes.

Annabel's Angels meet the team

What do I want from 2014..........well in February I will be two years on from diagnosis.......the breast cancer treatment has left it’s toll on my body and I am hoping to have an operation in the new year to help with my lymphoedema in my right arm. I am taking my hubby on a dream holiday to Canada, which will be out of this world plus I will also continue fundraising throughout the year and support Annabel’s Angels in any way I can.

One thing being diagnosed has taught me is never to take anything for granted because at any moment in time things can change. So I promise to share my love of life with as many people I can and have lots of wonderful times ahead.

Thank you

Denise xxx