Grant programme feedback

We are always looking at how we can improve our reach and efficiency. Currently, we are in the process of designing and carrying out a stakeholder survey to fully understand how we're seen and valued by others. This will include consultation with a range of stakeholders from grant recipients, parents/carers, businesses and donors, and also discussions with our health and social care colleagues. Until then, we felt it timely to share a few bits of feedback recently received from some of our grant recipients;

"The grant allowed us to keep the car on the road to enable us to get to appointments. It also allowed us to have a break in Lincolnshire."

"You ask if there is anything more you can do. Without your help Alan would not have cared if he lived or died. I don't think you can improve as when we needed help you gave us that help."

"The grant helped me and my son immensely at a time of need and stress/worry. Annabel's Angels came to us, listened to us and helped." 



Sharing, connecting, running.

A note from Simon, Chair of Annabel's Angels

I've seen many people come and go since December 2012. I've seen friendly faces become even more friendlier. I've seen faces become distant, perhaps unsure about what to say or what to do. I've seen my own face in there too, equally unsure at times about what to do, say, interact, feel etc. 

I've been very vocal about how lucky I feel I've been with the support I've received along the way. Family and friends helped with listening ears, broad shoulders and culinary skills. And dog walks too.

A key part of my well-being has been my involvement in a widower's forum set up by my good friend Benjamin Brooks-Dutton. Ben and I got in touch with each other in January 2013. I wanted to talk to other widowers to see if what I was thinking, feeling and fearing was normal.  And so, the doors were opened for other widowers to join a small online group, a safe space whereby us chaps could talk openly and share our innermost thoughts and feelings about this new and unexpected stage of our lives. 

It's now March 2015 and the group has grown considerably. Some are parents, some aren't. Some live overseas, some are young, some not so young. It's an eclectic group. Several guys have gone on to give their time and energy in helping to improve the lives of others. This has been in the form of fund-raising, joining charity committees, sharing their skills in a practical way, sharing their experiences in print and online, and some, like me, have gone on to set up a charity where gaps might exist. 

Last weekend I ran the Lincoln 10k with three of those chaps - Paul Verrico, Andy King and Pete Wallroth.

Lincoln 10k 2015 AA vest.jpg


Paul set up Teamverrico following the loss of his wife Anna.  Team Verrico concentrates on Cancer Support, Research and Treatment Options and Education about all aspects of Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

Andy supports the St Barnabas Hospice Trust which provides specialist palliative and end of life care so that everyone can access and receive the support they need to live well and ease the process of dying. He does this with his children Alex and Harry through their charity Screw Cancer

Pete is the founder and CEO of Mummy's StarIt is the only UK charity with the aim of supporting pregnancy through cancer and beyond. The charity offers support to other women and families finding themselves in this situation by providing a single point for medical advice and guidance, a small grants programme to provide financial relief; and campaigning and advocacy. 


Running the Lincoln 10k with these chaps was such a privilege for me. I felt a real resonance with them, a strong connection and unity. And, of course, a 'never give up' outlook on life. It’s safe to say we’ve become very good friends.

Experiencing a tragic life event has shown me the value of creating those all important life opportunities for me and my boys, to push ourselves physically and mentally, and to seize the day. Things don't, and never will, always go according to plan of course, but that's the beauty of life, we just never know what will happen. Do we?

Seize the day, connect with those around you, forge new friendships. Live and love life.

Simon Hancox

23 March 2015

* I'd also like to say a huge thank you to those who sponsored me for this event, those who shared Facebook posts, those who tweeted and those who cheered us all on during the race itself. Thank you all so very much x





Ben Nevis Bank Holiday Climb

August bank holiday weekend saw our team of Annabel’s Angels supporters plodding, trekking and rising to the challenge of conquering Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles.

At the top!

At the top!

The weekend started with less than promising rainy conditions, but the weather on the morning setting off was perfect, with the sun beaming down for the whole climb. It was a brilliant experience with incredible views for the whole climb, including at the top (pictured above) and the whole team managed the climb without any major problems.

Amongst the team was Simon’s son Will, the youngest hiker in the group at 9 years old, who completed the challenge with enjoyment, and is set to conquer Scafell Pike soon having already done Snowdon too!

Funds Raised

The event looks to have raised £2400, an amount that has exceeded all of our expectations.  We are extremely grateful for the support given by those who donated and, of course, those who were involved on the day. A big thank you to Toyota Manufacturing UK for contributing to the sponsorship total (some fantastic Toyota employees took part). 

The monies raised will strengthen support for those affected by cancer in Derby.  Our public fund grants programme will see the team purchase items and services to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients and local cancer groups in Derby.

Top of the mountain group selfie!

Top of the mountain group selfie!

Another shot of the incredible views

Another shot of the incredible views

A donation to the Derby Breast Cancer Support Group

Annabel's Angels is very pleased to support the work of Derby Breast Cancer Support Group. Today we donated some of our funds to the group to help them purchase a range of specialist mastectomy bras. It is anticipated that around 35 women will receive a specialist bra, fitting advice and ongoing support from the group as a result of our donation. Thanks again everyone for supporting us and enabling us to do this x 882268_495139140601990_1338884308_o

An offer from Saks Derby

We're really pleased to announce a special deal with our partners, Saks Hair Salon in Derby. All Annabel's Angels followers will get 10% off their hair treatment. All you need to do is mention Annabel's Angels upon booking and 10% will be deducted off your final bill. This applies to cuts and treatments. Contact the team to book an appointment 01332 345300. You could even pick up an Annabel's Angels wristband while you're there too :)