Grant programme feedback

We are always looking at how we can improve our reach and efficiency. Currently, we are in the process of designing and carrying out a stakeholder survey to fully understand how we're seen and valued by others. This will include consultation with a range of stakeholders from grant recipients, parents/carers, businesses and donors, and also discussions with our health and social care colleagues. Until then, we felt it timely to share a few bits of feedback recently received from some of our grant recipients;

"The grant allowed us to keep the car on the road to enable us to get to appointments. It also allowed us to have a break in Lincolnshire."

"You ask if there is anything more you can do. Without your help Alan would not have cared if he lived or died. I don't think you can improve as when we needed help you gave us that help."

"The grant helped me and my son immensely at a time of need and stress/worry. Annabel's Angels came to us, listened to us and helped."