Firewalk Success For Annabel's Angels

They walked the walk last week, a walk that, for many, ended in blisters.

Derby held its very own Challenge Cancer Week. This was a week dedicated to raising awareness about Cancer, it's myths, issues and success stories.

There were many events held, including the most daring and eventful, the Firewalk which was managed by daredevils, James and Lottie from Firewalkers UK. Not only was this an adventurous stunt for the thirty three participants, raising a staggering £2,500+ for Annabel's Angels, it was also a chance to extend an open hand to the public of Derby, to those wanting to either show support or to try something a bit daring.

The event was organised by Lisa Higginbottom, Simon Jones and our very own Simon Hancox, who, himself, took the stride of pride down the burning coals, stating afterwards that he found the experience “memorable”.

There were thirty three participants involved, including our patron BBC Radio Derby's Craig Ramage, and former Mayor of Derby, Lisa Higginbottom who seemed completely unphased by the idea of walking over hot coals, having done it “several times before”, 

So much passion went into organising the event, and we’re thankful for your help and support throughout this past week.

Annabel’s Angels has seen its support and engagement increase significantly over the past few months, and this is mainly down to our involvement with Challenge Cancer. We say a huge thank you to all our supporters for continuing to champion what we do. You're helping us to support local patients, carers and families living with cancer.

A little bit of extraordinary goes a long way, the Firewalk thirty are walking proof and we say thank you for being your own extraordinary.

Thank you
Annabel’s Angels.

Challenge Cancer ribbon, showing our support for families patients and carers living with cancer. 

Challenge Cancer ribbon, showing our support for families patients and carers living with cancer.