Annabel’s Angels run in Race For Life

The story of the life and sad death of Annabel Hancox is one that many people can relate to. In a vivid display of support, there are around 60 women running as Annabel’s Angels in over 10 venues in this year’s Race For Life. From Aberdeen to Folkestone, women are wearing their Annabel’s Angels t-shirts and wristbands (and hoodies if the weather is cold enough) with pride as they complete their 5 or 10km challenges. If you see them as they run by, please give them an extra cheer! Many of these women only met Annabel after her diagnosis of breast cancer and knew her as an online friend via the Macmillan forums. Her supportive nature, humour and determination shone through and very strong bonds were formed. Her personality and strength of character is still touching women and is helping to create better support services for those affected by cancer in the Derby area.

If you would like to complete either 5 or 10km in Race for Life as an Annabel’s Angel, please email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Race for Life Derby